EN[ˈɛə̯ɹɪə̯] [ˈæɹ.i.ə] [ˈɛɹ.i.ə]
Frégion WAire (géométrie)
  • En mathématiques, l'aire est une grandeur relative à certaines figures du plan ou des surfaces en géométrie dans l'espace.
  • Le développement de cette notion de maths est lié à la rationalisation du calcul de grandeur de surfaces agricoles, par des techniques d'arpentage. Cette évaluation assortie d'une unité de mesure est aujourd'hui plutôt appelée superficie.
  • Informellement, l'aire permet d'exprimer un rapport de grandeur d'une figure relativement à une unité, par le biais de découpages et recollements, de déplacements et retournements et de passage à la limite par approximation.

    Definition of area in English Dictionary

  • NomPLareasPLareæ
    1. (mathematics) A measure of the extent of a surface; it is measured in square units.
      1. A particular geographic region.
        1. Any particular extent of surface, especially an empty or unused extent.
          1. The photo is a little dark in that area. ‎
        2. Figuratively, any extent, scope or range of an object or concept.
          1. Today, a new area of research that similarly aims to mimic a complex biological phenomenon—life itself—is taking off. Synthetic biology, a seductive experimental subfield in the life sciences, seems tantalizingly to promise custom-designed life created in the laboratory.
        3. (Britain) An open space, below ground level, between the front of a house and the pavement.
          1. (soccer) Penalty box; penalty area.
            1. Bendtner's goal-bound shot was well saved by goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi but fell to Arsahvin on the edge of the area and the Russian swivelled, shaped his body and angled a sumptuous volley into the corner.
          2. SLA Genitals.
            1. But what do I do when the third one runs at me with his bike helmet on? I got no more hands to protect my area!
        4. Plus d'exemples
          1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
            • Because of the seriousness of the injury the doctor is anaesthetising the area before treatment.
            • The volume and mean cross-sectional area of nasopharynx, velopharynx and glossopharynx region showed significant difference.
            • The area of each specimen was lased imbricately twice with a uniformly slow speed at a 90-degree angle to the surface and at a distance of 1 mm.
          2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
            • An anonymous caller tipped off the police that the suspect would be in the area.
            • It wasn't far enough away to think about transmatting and besides, that was no longer a viable option, what with vandals having wrecked some of the booths in the area.
            • Late in gestation DNMT1o-deficient placentas had greater spongiotrophoblast content and reduced labyrinth vascular surface area.
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          1. Noms
            • Noms Dénombrable
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