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    1. plural of event.
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        • That's the strongest table I've ever seen at a European Poker Tour event
        • As outlined above, a series of novel morphological traits are correlated with the cladogenetic events in Petrocosmea, all are first documented in present study.
        • And yet, certain unarguables remain: one's first response to an event is rarely one's most mature or reasonable, and yet this is the response that governs any spontaneous outpouring.
      2. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
        • [ … ] the result was a warning to all exhibition organisers about the dangers of overpromising and underdelivering when promoting events.
        • Conditions are derived under which the formation maintains stability and the desired intercar spacing for each of these traffic events.
        • I need some warm bodies to volunteer to help with this event.
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