EN[hæŋ] [heɪŋ] [-æŋ]
  • Le Hang est un instrument de musique acoustique inventé par Felix Rohner et Sabina Schärer de Berne en Suisse en 2000.
  • Mister Hang est un personnage du manga Fullmetal alchemist.
  • Hang Seng est l'indice boursier de la bourse de Hong-Kong.
  • Hang On The Box est un groupe de rock chinois provenant de Pékin formé en 1998, dont la musique s'inscrit dans le courant Riot grrrl.
  • NBA Hang Time est un jeu vidéo de basket-ball sorti en 1996 sur Megadrive, Nintendo 64, Windows, arcade, Super Nintendo et PlayStation.
EN Hang

    Definition of hang in English Dictionary

  • NomPLhangs
    1. The way in which something hangs.
      1. This skirt has a nice hang.
    2. (figuratively) A grip, understanding.
      1. He got the hang of it after only two demonstrations
    3. (computing) An instance of ceasing to respond to input devices.
      1. We sometimes get system hangs.
    4. A sharp or steep declivity or slope.
      1. (Ireland, informal, derogatory) Cheap, processed ham (cured pork), often made specially for sandwiches.
        1. Alternative spelling of Hang.
        2. VerbeSGhangsPRhangingPT, PPhungPT, PPhanged
          1. VI To be or remain suspended.
            1. The lights hung from the ceiling. ‎
          2. VI To float, as if suspended.
            1. The smoke hung in the room. ‎
          3. VI (of a ball in cricket, tennis, etc.) To rebound unexpectedly or unusually slowly, due to backward spin on the ball or imperfections of the ground.
            1. VT To hold or bear in a suspended or inclined manner or position instead of erect.
              1. He hung his head in shame. ‎
            2. VT To cause (something) to be suspended, as from a hook, hanger, or the like.
              1. Hang those lights from the ceiling. ‎
              2. 1611, Bible (KJV), Luke 17:1-2:
              3. It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.
            3. VT (law) To execute (someone) by suspension from the neck.
              1. The culprits were hanged from the nearest tree. ‎
            4. VI (law) To be executed by suspension by one's neck from a gallows, a tree, or other raised bar, attached by a rope tied into a noose.
              1. You will hang for this, my friend. ‎
            5. VI INF To loiter, hang around, to spend time idly.
              1. Are you busy, or can you hang with me?  I didn't see anything, officer. I was just hanging. ‎
            6. VT To exhibit (an object) by hanging.
              1. VT To apply (wallpaper or drywall to a wall).
                1. Let's hang this cute animal design in the nursery. ‎
              2. VT To decorate (something) with hanging objects.
                1. Let's hang the nursery with some new wallpaper. ‎
              3. VI (figuratively) To remain persistently in one's thoughts.
                1. VT (computing) To prevent from reaching a decision, especially by refusing to join in a verdict that must be unanimous.
                  1. One obstinate juror can hang a jury.
                2. VI (computing) To stop responding to manual input devices such as keyboard and mouse.
                  1. The computer has hung again. Not even pressing <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> works.  When I push this button the program hangs. ‎
                3. VT (computing) To cause (a program or computer) to stop responding.
                  1. The program has a bug that can hang the system. ‎
                4. VT (chess) To cause (a piece) to become vulnerable to capture.
                  1. If you move there, you'll hang your queen rook. ‎
                5. VI (chess) To be vulnerable to capture.
                  1. In this standard opening position White has to be careful because the pawn on e4 hangs. ‎
                6. VT (baseball, slang) Of a pitcher, to throw a hittable off-speed pitch.
                7. Plus d'exemples
                  1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                    • His life was left hanging in the balance after being shot in the side.
                    • I like hanging out with my parents, but my friends think it's weird.
                    • He was hanging out at the beach, checking out the young women in bikinis.
                  2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                    • Hangs is a false word, — a Northern corruption of the negro dialect yang, — an onomatopœian word, representing the "far heard clang" of the wild goose.
                • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
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