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Ffête WFête
  • Une fête est un événement organisé pour célébrer quelque chose ou quelqu'un.
  • Étymologie : du latin festa dies, jour de fête. Famille du mot : festif, festin, festoyer, fêtard…
  • La plupart des fêtes occidentales sont d'origine chrétienne, voire des fêtes plus anciennes que le christianisme a assimilées. Dans les pays où ces fêtes sont pratiquées, on nomme souvent fêtes païennes les fêtes non chrétiennes.
  • L'acception laïque a introduit le terme de jour férié.
FR party

    Definition of party in English Dictionary

  • NomPLpartiesPREpar-
    1. (law) A person or group of people constituting a particular side in a contract or legal action.
      1. The contract requires that the party of the first part pay the fee. ‎
    2. (heading) A person.
      1. He is a queer party. ‎
      2. I can't possibly be a party to that kind of reckless behaviour. ‎
    3. (now rare in general sense) A group of people forming one side in a given dispute, contest etc.
      1. A political group considered as a formal whole, united under one specific political platform of issues and campaigning to take part in government.
        1. The green party took 12% of the vote. ‎
      2. (military) A discrete detachment of troops, especially for a particular purpose.
        1. The settlers were attacked early next morning by a scouting party. ‎
      3. (heading) A social gathering.
        1. I'm throwing a huge party for my 21st birthday. ‎
        2. We're expecting a large party from the London office. ‎
        3. Tupperware party;  lingerie party
      4. (heading, gaming) Participants.
        1. OBS A part or division.
        2. VerbeSGpartiesPRpartyingPT, PPpartied
          1. VI To celebrate at a party, to have fun, to enjoy oneself.
            1. We partied until the early hours.
          2. VI SLA (euphemistic) To take recreational drugs.
            1. VI To engage in flings, to have one-night stands, to sow one's wild oats.
              1. (gaming, online gaming) VI To form a party (with).
                1. If you want to beat that monster, you should party with a healer.
            2. Adjectif
              1. OBS (except in compounds) Divided; in part.
                1. (heraldry) Parted or divided, as in the direction or form of one of the ordinaries.
                  1. an escutcheon party per pale
              2. Adverbe
                1. OBS Partly.
                2. Plus d'exemples
                  1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                    • Both parties wrap themselves in the flag every election.
                    • After the scandal, the political party disassociated itself from the questionable candidate.
                    • The protesters kept vigil outside the conference centre in which the party congress was being held.
                  2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                    • Parties subscribe a covenant or contract; a man subscribes a bond.
                    • Party chief Low Thia Khiang said that, while they support the name change to honour Encik Yusof, "we cannot square with the change(s) that are being 'tompang' (piggybacked) with the name change."
                    • Party members are adjured to promote awareness of this problem.
                  3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
                    • Splinter groups in the centre Left or centre Right are often a shot in the arm for the Far Right or the Communist Party.
                    • Wild horses wouldn't have kept me from going to the party.
                    • Everybody who wants to be anybody will come to Jake's party.
                • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
                  1. Adjectifs
                    • Adjectifs incomparable
                    • Adverbes
                      • Adverbes incomparable
                      • Noms
                        • Noms Dénombrable
                        • Verbes
                          • Verbes intransitifs
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                        Grammaticalement, ce mot "party" est un adjectif, plus spécifiquement, un adjectifs incomparable. C'est aussi un adverbe, plus spécifiquement, un adverbes incomparable. C'est aussi un nom, plus spécifiquement, un noms dénombrable. C'est aussi un verbe, plus spécifiquement, un verbes intransitif.
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