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    1. simple past tense and past participle of result.
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        • Amy spent the morning baking and this afternoon brought the resultdainty little fancies all fudged and fruited up.
        • [ … ] the result was a warning to all exhibition organisers about the dangers of overpromising and underdelivering when promoting events.
        • The results show the better diagnosibility of glucose and lactic acid in synovial fluids of active RA (Fig 2C ).
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        • Results showed that the SAFV-like sequence appeared to result from intertypic recombination between SAFV2 (major parent: EU681176) and SAFV3 (minor parent: EU681178) (Fig 4 , Table 3 and S2 Table ).
        • Results show significant decrease in dansylglycine fluorescence (in HSA-Dansylglycine complex)with increasing concentrations of 4-PBA and Palmitic acid (Fig 4 ).
        • Results showed that supplementation of LipG1significantly improved the gut and heptaopancreas lipase activity of fish fed with palm oil diet.
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        • Apparently, either they are still in the trial period or some trials have shown nonpromising results.
        • Still, those constraints need to be considered and discussed explicitly for the sake of clarity and exhaustivity when reporting results.
        • This mainstream hypothesis of the epileptogenicity of hemosiderin provided strong support to our results.
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        Grammaticalement, ce mot "resulted" est un verbe, plus spécifiquement, un formes verbale.
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