EN[stænd] [-ænd]
FR stand
A painting of a girl standing.
A painting of a girl standing.

    Definition of stand in English Dictionary

  • NomPLstandsSUF-and
    1. The act of standing.
      1. A defensive position or effort.
        1. A resolute, unwavering position; firm opinion; action for a purpose in the face of opposition.
          1. They took a firm stand against copyright infringement. ‎
        2. A period of performance in a given location or venue.
          1. They have a four-game stand at home against the Yankees.  They spent the summer touring giving 4 one-night stands a week. ‎
        3. A device to hold something upright or aloft.
          1. He set the music upon the stand and began to play.  an umbrella stand;   a hat-stand
        4. The platform on which a witness testifies in court; the witness stand or witness box.
          1. She took the stand and quietly answered questions. ‎
        5. A particular grove or other group of trees or shrubs.
          1. This stand of pines is older than the one next to it. ‎
        6. (forestry) A contiguous group of trees sufficiently uniform in age-class distribution, composition, and structure, and growing on a site of sufficiently uniform quality, to be a distinguishable unit.
          1. A standstill, a motionless state, as of someone confused, or a hunting dog who has found game.
            1. A small building, booth, or stage, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand.
              1. A designated spot where someone or something may stand or wait.
                1. a taxi stand
              2. (US, dated) The situation of a shop, store, hotel, etc.
                1. a good, bad, or convenient stand for business
              3. (sports) grandstand (often in plural).
                1. The end of the opening period was relatively quite [sic] as Vassiljev's desperate shot from well outside the penalty area flew into the stand housing the Irish supporters and then Ward's ctoss [sic] was gathered by goalkeeper Pareiko.
              4. (cricket) A partnership.
                1. England wrapped up a five-wicket victory in the first Test as a stand of 132 between Alastair Cook and Ian Bell saw off an early West Indies charge.
              5. (military, plural often stand) A single set, as of arms.
                1. OBS Rank; post; station; standing.
                  1. (dated) A state of perplexity or embarrassment.
                    1. to be at a stand what to do ‎
                  2. A young tree, usually reserved when other trees are cut; also, a tree growing or standing upon its own root, in distinction from one produced from a scion set in a stock, either of the same or another kind of tree.
                    1. OBS A weight of from two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds, used in weighing pitch.
                    2. VerbeSGstandsPRstandingPT, PPstood
                      1. (heading) To position or be positioned physically.
                        1. Here I stand, wondering what to do next. ‎
                        2. Stand up, walk to the refrigerator, and get your own snack. ‎
                        3. Do not leave your car standing in the road. ‎
                        4. They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect.
                        5. He stood the broom in a corner and took a break. ‎
                        6. Paris stands on the Seine. ‎
                        7. Six feet two, as I think, he stands.
                      2. (heading) To position or be positioned mentally.
                        1. He stands to get a good price for the house. ‎
                        2. I can’t stand when people don’t read the instructions.  I can’t stand him. ‎
                        3. readers by whose judgment I would stand or fall
                        4. The king granted the Jews [ …] to gather themselves together, and to stand for their life.
                        5. sacrifices [ …] which stood only in meats and drinks
                      3. (heading) To position or be positioned socially.
                        1. The works of Shakespeare have stood the test of time. ‎
                        2. He is standing for election to the local council. ‎
                        3. What I said yesterday still stands. ‎
                        4. "Kim, Jack, and I will stand you guys," Jimmie Burdette said. ¶ "We'll smear you!" laughed Ron.
                        5. to stand a treat
                        6. (Can we find and add a quotation of Thackeray to this entry?)
                        7. Christian charity, or love, stands first in the rank of gifts. ‎
                        8. Doubt me not; by heaven, I will do nothing / But what may stand with honour.
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                      4. VI (nautical) Of a ship or its captain, to steer, sail (in a specified direction, for a specified destination etc.).
                        1. VI To remain without ruin or injury.
                          1. (card games) To stop asking for more cards; to keep one's hand as it has been dealt so far.
                          2. Plus d'exemples
                            1. Utilisé au milieu de la phrase
                              • The works of Shakespeare have stood the test of time. ‎
                              • ...and called him his father; this overpowered the brave man's heart, and obliged him to turn around, to prevent the tears that stood ready to gush from his eyes.
                              • Martin Maloney 's painting, Sony Levi, with its assured cack-handedness and considered vacuity can stand as an emblem of the movement.
                            2. Utilisé au début de la phrase
                              • Stand aside, please, so the doctor can get through.
                              • Stand up, walk to the refrigerator, and get your own snack. ‎
                            3. Utilisé dans la fin de la phrase
                              • I'm bored out of my mind, let's blow this pop stand.
                          • Partie du discours Hiérarchie
                            1. Noms
                              • Noms Dénombrable
                              • Verbes
                                • Verbes intransitifs
                                  • Verbes transitifs
                                    • Verbes par type d'inflexion
                                      • Verbes irréguliers
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