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EN[ˈmɪnɪt] [-ɪnɪt] [maɪˈnjuːt] [maɪˈn(j)ut] [-uːt]
WMinute (temps)

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  • Exemples de minute
    1. The employees complained that their boss was micromanaging when she insisted that they account for their time in fifteen-minute intervals.
    2. I misspent my youth making friends and meeting people. Wait a minute, that's the secret of my success!
    3. Pittsburgh stretched it to 10-0 on a Gary Russell one-yard TD lunge in the first minute of the second quarter, at that point outgaining Arizona 147-13 yards.
    4. Ameobi skipped away down the left in the 39th minute and tried to pick out Shearer with a cross but his delivery was cut out by goalkeeper Jussi J...
    5. He procrastinated until the last minute and had to stay up all night to finish.
    6. Henrietta's feelings for Delbert run hot and cold--one minute she's hopelessly in love with him, and the next she can't stand the sight of him.
    7. He was here a minute ago but now he's sodded off.
    8. Jesus can you take the wheel for a minute while I take off my gloves?
    9. They spent the whole visit talking a mile a minute and then went home and phoned each other!
  • Exemples de minutes
    1. The abbreviated lesson only took fifteen minutes as opposed to an hour and a half.
    2. It took the absent-minded man twenty minutes to find his glasses on top of his head.
    3. Mexican ace Dos Santos smashed home the third five minutes later after good work from Defoe.
    4. The children were all wearing anticipatory grins in the minutes before the cake was served.
    5. The earthquake sent tremors down to Tokyo, 190 miles south, where high-rise buildings with the most advanced antiearthquake technology swayed for a couple of minutes.
    6. Rarely (in cases which trouble us all) our new tools find themselves applied to bodies which in any prior human era would have become apneic in seconds, pulseless in minutes, rigid in hours, and putrid in days [ … ] .
    7. [ … ] place the pan into a hot oven 175 degrees approx 5 minutes until the top has been cooked.
    8. Although he seemed arbit at first, a few minutes of talking exposed a decent and well mannered human being.
    9. It is a banner achievement for an athlete to run a mile in under four minutes.
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