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EN[pɚˈtɪkjəlɚli] [pəˈtɪkjələli] [pəˈtɪkjəlɚli]

    Examples of particularly in a Sentence

  • Exemples de particularly
    1. Mazzucchelli particularly has it in for Willy Ilium, a snooty, priapic little choreographer whose work consists of postmodern appropriation and recontextualization.
    2. My father made no reproach in his letters and only took notice of my science by inquiring into my occupations more particularly than before.
    3. The road signs on motorways are particularly clear and well lit at night.
    4. One particularly damaging, but often ignored, effect of conflict on education is the proliferation of attacks on schools [ …] as children, teachers or school buildings become the targets of attacks. Parents fear sending their children to school.
    5. It's easy to recall who I hate, but I'm generally pretty friendly, so I can't think of any particularly sleb that I'd like to be friends with more than another.
    6. They say this year's flu virus is a particularly virulent strain.

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