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    1. net result; net conclusion
    2. “As far as we can tell, Congress has never delegated so much power to an executive agency with so little to constrain the agency’s discretion,” the memorandum concluded, calling the result “a classic violation of the nondelegation principle.”
    3. ... then its death is a moral wrong even if the result of "nonkillings" will be a marked decrease in the population of that part of the animal kingdom.
    4. The result is a nontaxing documentary whose highest use might be as a primer for high school students headed to Jerusalem on a class trip.
    5. Experts theorize that it may be reinforced by the release in the brain of opioidlike endorphins that result in a natural high and emotional relief.
    6. After all, sense-data are typically introduced into a theory as a result of argument—as a result, for instance, of reflecting on such phenomena as illusion, hallucination, perspectival variation, and so forth—and not as a result of sheer self-awareness.
    7. Political principles are rarely absolute, as political logic holds an imperfect result by compromise is better than a theoretically perfect abstention from the political process in the opposition. ‎
  • Exemples de results
    1. Results show significant decrease in dansylglycine fluorescence (in HSA-Dansylglycine complex)with increasing concentrations of 4-PBA and Palmitic acid (Fig 4 ).
    2. These results indicate that the perturbation of intercellular junctions and the deciliation of tubular cells generated by FSS are independent from F-actin rearrangement.
    3. Table 9 shows the results of average values, fuzzy weights and defuzzied weights of the attributes for the decision-making process.
    4. Together, these results showed that Stx2c/c and Stx2d/d have similar but detectibly different structures and that these structural differences are dependent on positions 291 and 297 of the A subunit.
    5. Under S-rich limit, the dopable range for EF shifting corresponds to Eu2+ doping experiments, the luminescence wavelength limit is predicted to be 659 nm (1.88 eV) remarkably close to the reported results 650 nm.
    6. Overall, the results appear to be of major importance for everyday clinical purposes, since according to Göz et al., a poor aesthetic appearance is the most important reason why patients decide to undergo surgery for dysgnathia.
  • Exemples de resulted
    1. This has resulted in the identification of over five thousand new transcriptional multiexonic events in human and/or chimpanzee that are not observed in the rest of species.
    2. Recent data showed that combining the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction inhibitor SAR405838 and the MEK inhibitor pimasertib resulted in synergic anti-tumor activity in several K-RAS, N-RAS and B-RAF mutant tumor models [44 ].
    3. The maximum concentration of rhodocytin, a potent CLEC-2 agonist, resulted in release of approximately 60% 5-HT or PDGF, whereas CASMCs stimulated 20% release from WT platelets.
    4. Knockdown of Oyvlg by RNAi resulted in germ cell underproliferation and prematurely arrested meiosis, indicating a key role of vasa in bivalve germ cell development [38 ,39 ].
    5. This dose resulted in a TAZ of 11 mg when administered to healthy adults as an aqueous solution postprandially with little being achieved by administering greater amounts (Figure 1).
    6. The bedrock, specific geomorphology, warm and dry climate with a xerothermophilous flora, and the role of humans have resulted in high biodiversity including protected flora and fauna, often light demanding species dependent on the traditional management.
  • Exemples de resulting
    1. The health description resulting from the questionnaire was scored by using a multiattribute scoring function with values elicited from a random sample of the general population using VAS in combination with the SG method.
    2. Asexual reproduction occurs by myceliogenic germination of sclerotia directly resulting in new sclerotia or mycelium that eventually produces sclerotia.
    3. We also tested the rats for neurofunction at 28 days and examined the relationships between the imaging findings, neurofunction and the resulting histology from this unique injury model.
    4. Apart from the noncontrast CT images, segmentations of lungs, vessels, and airways were available for these three patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), resulting in six different and completely segmented lung cases.
    5. Mice were immunised with six individual immunodominant epitope-protein vaccine candidates and the resulting antisera tested for functional activity by in vitro opsonophagocytic killing assay (OPK).
    6. The homogenate was centrifuged at 5000 rpm for 5 min at 4°C and the resulting supernatants were kept in aliquotes and stored at -80°C till the determination of gastric parameters.
    7. We found that the effects of reactive astroglosis, demyelination and vasogenic edema may not be obvious in the post-irradiation acute phase, and resulting in initially no clear trend of either the QA or ISO R/L ratio in the all four different compartments.
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