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    1. The puppy was an affectionate nuzzler, which was unfortunate as I was wearing a black suit.
    2. [ …] will show it not only enlarging the periscope of knowledge, but contributing to the amelioration of the condition of unfortunate and suffering humanity [ …]
    3. This unfortunate accident has upset me. I have a horrible presentiment that something of the kind may happen to me.
    4. In his unfortunate absence at this far remove of 2007, Zevon's musicianship and irascible wit are as missed as ever.
    5. It was an unfortunate slip of the tongue, and he did not intend it that way.
    6. They see how serious it is not to "loosen the apron strings"; how unfortunate it may be to talk about a child in his presence; how we must take people where...
    7. Teachers should also avoid setting long poems in the lower and middle classes to be absorbed in homœopathical doses during the whole of a long term by the unfortunate children.
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