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    1. He delivers a sales pitch for an "antigravitational reinforcement device with remote control.
    2. an antiintrusion device
    3. Because an antisiphon device has no role to play in these guns, they do not inspire modification, though their cylinders too can cause accidents.
    4. an antitilt device in a pinball machine
    5. The wheelchair was fitted with an antitipping device.
    6. “The use of an assistive device should not only be considered in solely biomechanical terms,” the I.P.C. said in a statement.
    7. An at-grade intersection may require a traffic-control device such as a stop sign, traffic light or railway signal to manage conflicting traffic.
    8. The automatic clothes washer was a great labor-saving device
    9. The researchers say that there are many hurdles to overcome in using such a device inside the body, but that the work represents "a step toward the development of biocompatible, minimally invasive, autonomous microtools."
    10. a device of cartable size
  • Exemples de devices
    1. The proliferation of laborsaving devices has not given us more leisure time, paradoxically.
    2. What kept his devices from feeling larkish was a sly vocal intimation: even at his most weirdly expressive, Mr. Henriksen seemed to be speaking or singing through his horn.
    3. Logical memory appears contiguous to an application program, but may well be stored on several physical devices, including in RAM and on hard-disks, as determined by the operating system.
    4. An artificial kidney these days still means a refrigerator-sized dialysis machine. Such devices mimic the way real kidneys cleanse blood and eject impurities and surplus water as urine.

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